Self-taught musician, Raphaël started playing the accordion in 2006, discovering at the same time folk music and dance. Since that he started a long trip from bal to bal, meeting a lot of musicians and creating differents folk projects.

Together artist and musician, his approach to music is visual and emotional. His compositions are stories that change depending of the time and place, and which reveal some pictures without showing the whole painting. With dance as a motor, this original vision of folk bal is still inspired by tradition, and leave some space for the unexpected.
He currently plays with the Scottish fiddle player Kate Young, in the diatonic accordion duo Peut-être Jeanne, and in Zlabya.

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theoTheo Kaiser is a french trumpet and guitar player who lives currently in Leipzig, Germany.

When he was 16 years old, Theo discovered Jazz by listening to Trumpet Masters like Miles Davis, Chet Baker or Louis Armstrong. Two years later, he started studying jazz Trumpet and jazz Guitar at the Lille Academy of Music. He also starts to play on the Lille's scene, mostly with the musicians of the "Collectif Thalweg". He continues his studies at the Brussels Royal Academy of Music, where he graduates two Bachelors in 2012. He finishes then his Master at the "Hochschule für Musik" of Leipzig.

Meeting musicians, he enters in the univers of folk and world music, styles in which he can fully express his musicality. His differents projects conduct him to play in many European countries.

Theo Kaiser likes to arrange and to write music, disciplines on which he focus himself during his studies. He also try to make every steps of musical production creative: composition, arrangement, recording but also edition and production.

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pierrePlaying mainly traditional music, Pierre Droual likes to play electric and improvised music. He is a member of following bands : Nirmâan (Indian Electric), Hiks (Electro-Trad), Timothée Le Net Quartet (acoustique-onirique), Dièse 3 (Musique Bretonne Contemporaine), Lyra (projet Indo-Tuniso-Breton). He took part in the fifth Kreiz Breizh Akademy session of Erik Marchand. He also performed with many musiciens like Yann Fanch Kemener, Tony Hymas, Skeduz, Roland Becker, and Gabriel Yacoub.




floSelf-taught percussionist, he started his first musical project in 1999. He now plays in many folk and Balkanic bands (Ormuz, Argo's, le Sextet à claques, Gan Ainm, Kosia Brada Orchestar).He also recorded many albums (Ormuz : Airs de rien, Le bambocheur ; Le sextet claques : la marque rose). Florian is really interested in african rythms, and he studies Afro-Cuban music at the Lille Academy of Music.





Curious, open-minded, and influenced by different kinds of music, Jean-Baptiste began playing the guitar and electric bass on his own when he was a teenager.

After playing a few years with various bands from his area, (not forgetting to graduate in physiotherapy), he decided to perfect his skills in music and joined the Lille CRR (Music Center) Jazz class. He met there Florian Huygebaert who introduced him to folk music and dance .